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~ Christmas Poems ~

Christmas Past

Each Christmas I remember
The ones of long ago
I see our mantelpiece adorned
With stockings in a row
Each Christmas finds me dreaming
Of days that used to be
Together with mother and father
And all the family
Each Christmas finds me longing
For Christmases now past
And I am back in childhood
As long as memories last.

The Gift

It was a glorious Christmas, all would agree
Mom thought as she sat adoring the tree
The dishes done and the hordes tucked away
She viewed the gifts she'd been given that day
The crystal pitcher was a sight to behold
That brand new cologne, a bracelet of gold
Her gorgeous clothing she will love to wear
A fancy red comb to adorn her hair
One object stood out, was her grandest prize
She held in her hand, as tears filled her eyes
Her favorite gift, from her child, age six;
A napkin holder of popsicle sticks.

My Christmas wish for you

This year my Christmas wish for you
Is that a wish you wish comes true
It may be big, it may be small
It may be something you don't recall
We all have something that we hold dear
And often give up it will ever appear
This is the year for dreams to come true
Keep wishing that wish 'til it comes to you
Your wish may be love, it may be health
It may be a job, it may be wealth
It may be warmth and a place to stay
It may be three square meals a day
Your wish may be having a loved-one come
It may be to see a child have fun
This year my Christmas wish for you
Is that a wish you wish comes true!

Christmas memories

Amidst precious photos
Of family and friends
I sit beside the fireplace
Pen ready and cards to send
Look, here we are around the tree,
And here at Christmas lunch.
Oh look at me, I was so young!
And here it is New Year brunch."
With nostalgie I remember
The Christmases before.
And a tear slides down my cheek
For those who are no more.


May your holidays be happy days
Filled with love and laughter
And may each day bring joy your way
In the year that follows after!

Greeting card

I've made my list, checked it twice
And here's a card for someone nice
A Christmas wish from me to you
All my friendship and happiness too
I hope you have a lovely day
And all you wish for comes your way!


In the rush of the merry morning
When the red burns through the gray
And the wintry world lies waiting
For the glory of the day
Then we hear a fitful rushing
Just without, upon the stair
See two white phantoms coming
Catch the gleam of sunny hair
Rosy feet upon the threshold
Eager faces peeping through
With the first red ray of sunshine
Chanting cherubs come in view
Well we know them, never weary
Of their innocent surprise
Waiting, watching, listening always
With full hearts and tender eyes
While our little household angels
White and golden in the sun
Greet us with the sweet old welcome
Merry Christmas Everyone!

A little card

This little card
Has come to say
Merry be your
Christmas Day!

Special wish

At Christmas time
A special wish to say
May the season and the coming year
Bring happiness your way.


A warm and loving message
Especially to say
Sure wish we were together
On this Christmas Day.

Christmas wish

My wish for Christmas
Is love to go all around
Snowflakes lying on the ground
Children with frost in their hair
Presents all around everywhere
And if I may insist
I'd like to make one more wish
I hope that you
Will have all this too!

Especially for you

It's just a Christmas greeting
But very special too
Because it's meant to wish the best
Especially for you!

Merry Christmas

Snow is falling all around us
Children are playing all having fun
It's the season of love and understanding
Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas wish for my mother

Can you hear me when I whisper
My dearest wish to you?
Do you know that, after all this years
I'm always thinking off you?
I remember your sweet voice
So warm and soft and wise
All of the things you did for me
I see now with different eyes
Even though you're not beside me anymore
Your love is matched by no other
And I'm thankfull for the greatest gift in my life
That you where my mother
Merry Christmas...

The best

There's a magic in knowing
That Christmas is here
In the warmth and the laughter
The joy and good cheer
Hope all of these things
And many more too
Make this Christmas happy
The best yet for you!

Coming your way

Coming your way
With a note of good cheer
For a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year!

In our hearts

We wish you weren't miles away
But you should know that you'll be here
In our hearts for the holidays
And all through the coming year.

Wishing you

Wishing you joy
Throughout the holiday season
May you have all the things
You desire for whatever reason
Don't let worries and troubles
Come to your door
May each and everyday
Be filled with happiness and more
May your Christmas be happy
And right from the start
May the New Year bring all
That is dear to your heart!

This card

This card comes to wish you
A Christmas Day that brings
Favorite dreams, fond memories
And many happy things!

Christmas Day

In the beauty of the season
In the joy of Christmas Day
May you find a special meaning
That brings happiness your way.

For Christmas

Wishing you a Christmas
That's bright with joy and cheer
And memory making moments
That will warm your heart all year.

The very best time

A good time is coming, I wish it were here
The very best time in the whole of the year
I'm counting each day on my fingers and thumbs
The weeks that must pass before Santa Claus comes
Then when the first snowflakes begin to come down
And the wind whistles sharp and the branches are brown
I'll not mind the cold, though my fingers it numbs
For it brings the time nearer when Santa Claus comes.

Especially to say

Christmas is a time for holly
Wreaths and evergreens
It's a time to tell those near and far
How much they really mean
A warm and loving message
Especially to say
Sure wish we were together
On this Christmas Day
But even though we'll be apart
Warm thoughts will keep you near
Not only at the holidays
But every day all year.

Nice to know you

A Christmas wish
To show you
Just how nice it is
To know you
May all the joy
You gave away
Return to you
On Christmas Day!

For a friend

Merry Christmas!
Good fortune to you
I wish, my friend
Not in wealth, but health
Best wishes, I send!

I wish you

My Christmas wish for you
Is not a simple one
For I wish you hope and joy and peace
And lots of warmth and sun
I wish you love and friendship
Throughout the coming year
And lots of laughter and happiness
To fill your world with cheer
I wish this all and so much more
May all your dreams come true
May you have a Merry Christmas
And a happy New Year too!

This wish

There are loving thoughts
And memories too
Of all the things
That make you, you
And there's more love
Than words can say
In this wish for you
On Christmas day.

Time for Christmas

What says it's time for Christmas?
Is it the merry bells?
Or is it when the kitchen
Is sweet with spicy smells?
Or do we know when packages
Are hiding in the hall?
Or when the tree, all tinseled
Stands rainbow-bright and tall?
Is it caroling or candy canes
Or teddy bears, or drums
Is it dolls, or toys, or gifts
That tell when Christmas comes?
What says best "It's Christmas!"
Is it all these things?
Or is it when we feel the love
That Christmas always brings.

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