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~ Missing you Poems ~

You are gone

How do I say this
And where do I start
Everything hurts
Especially my heart
I try and cope the best I can
But I'm missing you so much
If I could only see you
And once more feel your touch!

The day

The day that you left me
Tears fell from the sky
My heart filled with sorrow
Your final goodbye
My only love
I miss you so much
Your smile and your kindness
Your soft gentle touch
In the breeze I hear your whisper
Feel your warmth from the sun
Upon the lake I see your reflection
In the stream I see you run
While mine heart is now filled
With sadness and tears
I have many good memories
You will always be near.

I miss you

I miss you in the morning
When all the world is new
I know the day can bring no joy
Because it brings not you
I miss the well-loved voice of you
Your tender smile for me
The charm of you, the joy
Of your unfailing sympathy
The world is full of folks, it's true
But there was only one of you.


The hurt, the pain, I cannot describe
It's like my blood quit flowing inside
I wake up each morning to begin a new day
In hopes that this hollow feeling will go away
I try not to cry because she is free of pain
But I would love to see her again
I'm so alone, my world is grey
When is the sun going to shine again?

The picture

I only have a picture now
A frozen piece of time
To remind me of how it was
When you were here, and mine
I see your smiling eyes
Each morning when I wake
I talk to you, and place a kiss
Upon your lovely face
How much I miss you being here
I really cannot say
The ache is deep inside my heart
And never goes away.

Missing you

I thought of you with love today
But that was nothing new
I thought about you yesterday
And days before that, too
Your memory is my keepsake
With which I'll never part
And altough you are far away
I have you in my heart
I miss you because
You were like no other
You were the best
You were my big brother


I think about you all the time
And every day it hurts to cry
So much has happened in my life
I'm not sure how hard to try
Tears are falling constantly
My heart hurts everyday
I think about your beautiful smile
That I hope to see again someday
The smell of your perfume
Has slowly faded away
But all your helpful teachings
Are always here to stay.

That Other Land

It is not far away
The place to which they go
It is just beyond the starlit skies
It's where the moonbeams grow
And night is day and day is night
And sorrow comes no more
Where love abides beyond the tides
Upon a golden shore
And we must wait here for awhile
Until it's time to go
Although we carry on, we mourn
Because we miss them so.


Your gentle face and patient smile
With sadness we recall
You had a kindly word for each
And died beloved by all
The voice is mute and stilled the heart
That loved us well and true
Ah, bitter was the trial to part
From one so good as you
You are not forgotten, mother
Nor will you ever be
As long as life and memory last
We will remember thee
We miss you now, our hearts are sore
As time goes by we miss you more
Your loving smile, your gentle face
No one can fill your vacant place.


Wherever the ocean meets the sky
There will be memories of you and I
When I look up at that sky so blue
All I see are visions of you
We were blessed by your presence
And warmed by your smile
We'll see you again
In only a while.


There is no night without a dawning
No winter without a spring
And beyond the dark horizon
Our hearts will once more sing
For those who leave us for a while
Have only gone away
Out of a restless, care worn world
Into a brighter day.

Helen Steiner Rice

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