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~ Short Wish Poems ~

A little bouquet of forget me not
To say I think of you a lot!

Wishing you
A pot of gold
And all the luck
Your heart can hold!

Many warm and special thoughts
And happy wishes too
Are coming with this greeting
Especially for you!

May your day
Be filled with blessings
Like the sun
That lights the sky
And may you always
Have the courage
To spread your wings
And fly!

In my heart
Is a gift for you
A gift of good wishes
For the whole year through!

A little bit of sunshine
Can cleanse a sky of gray
So I'm sending some along
To brighten up your day.

This card I send you
On this day
May all you wish for
Comes your way!

Just thinking of you
Now that your birthday is here
And sending you a wish
For a wonderful year.

This birthday poem was made for you
Hope your wishes and dreams come true
Be happy today and tomorrow too
Lets all celebrate the whole year through!

A wish has been planted
In this garden of mine
To bloom into love
For my Valentine!

I hope this card of warm wishes
Will brighten up your day
By reminding you you're thought of
In a very special way.

Wishing you songbirds
To welcome each morning
Wishing you flowers
To brighten each spring
Wishing you laughter
And sharing and caring
And all of the joy
That each new day can bring!

This little birthday wish
I'm sending your way
Hoping that maybe
You'll have a nice day!

With this card comes happiness
Love and good cheer
Wishing you laughter
Throughout the whole year.

This very special wish
That comes with love to you
Brings warm and heartfelt thanks
For all the thoughtful things you do
It also comes to let you know
You both mean more each day
To everyone your lives have touched
In such a loving way.

I've got a frown
You're feeling down
I'll sing you this small tune:
I hope you get well soon!

These things I warmly wish for you
Someone to love, some work to do
A bit of sun, a bit of cheer
And a quardian angel always near!

It's just a little greeting
But very special too
Because it's meant
To wish the best
Especially for you!

May your spirit keep the freedom
Of a butterfly in spring
And your heart be filled always
With the joys of simple things
May your essence claim the freshness
Of the new laid morning dew
All of this...and more...
Is my Birthday wish for you.

A Birthday wish from me to you
All my friendship and happiness too
I hope you have a lovely day
And all you wish for comes your way!

You couldn't be nicer
You couldn't be dearer
But you sure could be
A whole lot nearer!

A lot of fun and sometimes a tear
Lots of courage and a little fear
Very much happiness and friendship too
All these things I wish for you!

This wish for a Happy Birthday
Brings more love than words can say
Love that holds you close in thought
And close in heart each day.

Your birthday isn't just a day
That comes and hurries by
It's a time to think of things we've shared
Together you and I
It's a chance to say you're in my thoughts
Very often all year through
It's a time for me to say
How much I fondly think of you.

Some people put money in an envelop
That's easier than presents to find
I put a card in an envelop
That's easier than money to find.

I hear you're sick
So get well quick
I'll sing you this small tune
I hope you get well soon
I've got a frown
You're feeling down
I'll sing you this small tune
I hope you get well soon!

Wedding Blessing
May a house of love be always yours
May you heed each others wishes
May pleasures come in twos and fours
And quarrels end in kisses.

Though special times like birthdays
Seem the nicest ones by far
To tell you very lovingly
How wonderful you are
You surely know you're loved a lot
Each day the whole year through
And are always wished the special things
That mean the most to you.

You're my dear friend
Please lean upon my shoulder
You'll be needing the support
Now that you're feeling so much older
Happy Birthday!

Sometimes a note from far away
Is all you need to make your day
Sending warm wishes and let you know too
There are lots of people, but only one you!

For all that you are
For all that you do
A wish for happiness
And love just for you
I picked a bunch of flowers
As I went on my way
Then gathered happy wishes
To send your way today.

I'm sending warm thoughts
And good wishes too
'Cause I want you to know
That I'm thinking of you.

Happy Birthday means much more
Than have a happy day
Within these words lie lots of things
You never here them say
I quess it means they care
And that people thinking of
Your happiness on this day
With pleasure and with love.

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