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~ New Year Poems ~

My Wish For You

Happiness and peace
Do not come and go
They're always there
For you to know
Day by day
As you do and be
For yourself and for other
You will see
The joy of the trip
Above all other
Is the journey we take
Helping another
All through the year
You'll have done your best
To make this year
The happiest
So dear internet friend
Happy New Year to you
May all your hopes
And dreams come true!

Let's celebrate!

Blow a whistle, give a cheer
A brand New Year is here
Let's have a party, celebrate!
This New Year is sure to be great!

Wishing you

Wishing you songbirds
To welcome each morning
Wishing you flowers
To brighten each spring
Wishing you laughter
And sharing and caring
And all of the joy
That each new day can bring
Happy New Year!


From home to home, heart to heart
From one place to another
The warmth and joy of New Year
Brings us closer to each other.

I wish you

I wish you Happy New Year
And I'm wishing it so hard
I never could express it
On a little greetings card
So I'm thinking it each minute
And I know it will come true
For every good thing in the world
By rights belongs to you.

Happy New Year!

A simple card send to say
I think of you this New Years day
May your days be happy
And right from the start
May the New Year bring all
That is dear to your heart!

Fresh and clean

The bright New Year starts fresh and clean
Whether old, or in your teens
Middle age'd or baby be
The New Year starts fresh, don't you see
So what we do with this New Year
Is what will keep it fresh and clear
And so you see it's in our hand
To make this year one really grand!

Lots of joy

A lot of fun and sometimes a tear
Lots of joy in the New Year
Very much happiness and friendship too
All these things I wish for you!

Day of fun and laughter

Wishing joy and happiness
As New Year enters bright
Making all the cares and worries
Go softly in the night
Day of fun and laughter
We wish this every day
Hear the bells are ringing
Let's bring that peaceful sway
Chiming in the New Year
With all in life that's best
Knowing that with every breath
Our hearts have all been blest.

New Year's wish

My wish for New Year
Is love to go all around
Snowflakes lying on the ground
Children with frost in their hair
Presents all around everywhere
And if I may insist
I'd like to make one more wish:
I hope that you
Will have all this too!

A Happy Year

From January 1st
To the end of december
Here's wishing you a year
To enjoy and remember!

New Year cheer

At the sound of the tolling midnight bell
A brand new year will begin
Let's raise our hopes in a confidant toast
To the promise it ushers in
May your battles be few, your pleasure many
Your wishes and dreams fulfilled
May your confidence stand in the face of loss
And give you the strength to rebuild
May peace of heart fill all your days
May serenity grace your soul
May tranquil moments bless your life
And keep your spirit whole.

Miles away

We wish you weren't miles away
But you should know that you'll be here
In our hearts for the holidays
And all through the coming year.

Happy days

May your holidays be happy days
Filled with love and laughter
And may each day bring joy your way
In the year that follows after!

To all

Wishing you the love we share
To all our loved ones everywhere
Keep the spirit burning bright
With every wish in New Year's light
Feel the love in each new day
Never let it fade away
Happy New Year and all our best
We hope this year brings happiness.

Old and New

Here's to the bright New Year
And a fond farewell to the old
Here's to the things that are yet to come
And the memories that we hold
Warm thoughts will keep you near
Even though we'll be apart
May the New Year bring all
That is dear to your heart!


Wishing you joy
Throughout the holiday season
May you have all the things
You desire for whatever reason
Don't let worries and troubles
Come to your door
May each and every day
Be filled with happiness and more!

For the Coming Year

Wishing you a New Year
Filled with good times that will last
Special moments to recall
Long after they have passed
Wishing you a coming year
Of plans on which to build
A future filled with happiness
And dreams that are fulfilled.

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