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~ Spring Poems ~

Spring magic

Sweet spring you're finally here!
The snow is all gone and the skies are clear
I've waited so long for your joyous return
All through the winter, how I did yearn
To witness the spendor that only you bring
The bursting of color a new song to sing
You warm up the air and the soil of the earth
To renewal and beauty you gladly give birth
You wake all of nature from it's winter sleep
Even the insects that we wish you'd keep
You work your magic oh so well
But there's just one mystery
You bring such beauty to the world
Why can't you work on me? :-)


The winds of march were sleeping
I hardly felt a thing
The trees were standing quietly
It didn't seem like spring
Then suddenly the winds awoke
They raced across the sky
They bumped right into april
Splashing springtime in my eye!

Each Spring

Each Spring is a brand new beginning
With so much to see and to do
With new opportunities waiting
To make all our wishes come true
It's such a good time to plan changes
To make the fresh start we might need
To try something different and daring
To reach for the stars and succeed
Each Spring is a brand new beginning
A precious new chance sent our way
To follow our dreams and fulfill them
With joy in our hearts every day.

Emily Matthews

March wind

March wind is a jolly fellow
He likes to joke and play
He turns umbrellas inside out
And blows the hats away
He calls the pussy willows
And whispers in each ear
Wake up you lazy little seeds
Don't you know that Spring is here?

Signs of Spring

When the snow melts away
And it's rainy and gray
Trees have tender green buds
And the earth turns to mud
No more mittens and boots
No more bulky snow suits
Flowers bloom everywhere
Their perfume fills the air
Birds are beginning to sing
That's how you can tell it is Spring!

To a robin

Welcome, welcome little stranger
Fear no harm an fear no danger
We are glad to see you here
For you sing sweet Spring is near
Now the white snow melst away
Now the flowers blossem gay
Come dear bird and build your nest
For we love our robin best.


The fields are rich with daffodils
A coat of clover cloaks the hills
And I must dance and I must sing
To see the beauty of the Spring.

Each year

The last is done, the next is here
The same as it is every year
Spring, then summer, autumn, snow
That is how each year must go.

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