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~ Winter Poems ~


I look out the window
And I see a place
That's covered all over
With white, frosted lace
This place once had colors
But it changed overnight
And now it's a
Glistening, magical white!


Snow abounds in every place
Frosty winds blow in your face
Spring still hovers far away
And yet, it is lighter every day.

The stranger in the woods

The animals are worrying
About the stranger in the woods
And they are wondering
"Is he bad or is he good?".
The animals are arguing
About who should go first
The buck and cardinal argues
We thought that they would burst
All the animals walked over
They couldn't believe their eyes
In and around the snowman
They found food, to their surprise
A boy and girl watched quietly
From behind an evergreen
They decided to feed the animals
All winter, without being seen.

Winter beauty

When it's winter in the country
And my breath hangs in the air
The snow will crunch beneath my feet
And glisten in the air
It's clear and crisp and beautiful
Where I walk on my own
The stars at night light up my world
So I never walk alone.

Falling Snow

See the pretty snowflakes
Falling from the sky
On the walk and housetops
Soft and thick they lie
On the window-ledges
On the branches bare
Now how fast they gather
Filling all the air
Look into the garden
Where the grass was green
Covered by the snowflakes
Not a blade is seen
Now the bare black bushes
All look soft and white
Every twig is laden
What a pretty sight!

Snow Wear

Jackets and sweaters
Stockings and boots
Snug hats and mittens
Warm woolen suits
All bundled up
And ready to go
Out of the house
To play in the snow
Although I feel clumsy
In all of these clothes
I am so happy
Whenever it snows!

Millions of Snowflakes

One little snowflake falls on my nose
It makes me shiver from my head to my toes
Another snowflake get in my eye
And there comes more, what a surprise!
Snow on the house, snow on the tree
Snow on the ground, snow on me!
Millions of snowflakes in my hair
Snowflakes falling everywhere!


Black are my steps on silver soil
Thick blows my frosted breath abroad
And tree and house, and hill and lake
Are frosted like a wedding-cake.


I made a great tall snowman
With two huge coal black eyes
Upon his rounded head
A hat that looks so nice
When I awoke next morning
Imagine my surprise
My snowman had run away
And left his hat and eyes!


The snow fell softly all the night
It made a blanket soft and white
It covered houses and the ground
But did not make a single sound
Winternight, so hushed and still
The snow lay fluffy white
'Tis insulating all the world
And makes a wondrous sight.

The very best time

A good time is coming
I wish it were here
The very best time
In the whole of the year
I'm counting each day
On my fingers and thumbs
The weeks that must pass
Before Santa Claus comes
Then when the first snowflakes
Begin to come down
And the wind whistles sharp
And the branches are brown
I'll not mind the cold
Though my fingers it numbs
For it brings the time nearer
When Santa Claus comes.

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